23 Dec 2022 -- Nearly all back...
Quick news flash : Turkish TB2 Bayraktar UAVs flying to Russia.
So NATO member and mediator Turkey is supplying both sides with weapons.
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18 Dec 2022 -- We're back ! It took some doing, but the doing got done.
Now what remains is 'importing' the collected flight data since the server 'incident' and restoring the +50,000 resources.

02 Aug 2022 -- Pelosi's visit to Taiwan is not only upsetting the Chinese. Close to 100,000 rubberneckers are following her flight SPAR19, on one tracker alone bringing it to its knees. If only she could work that 'magic' on her real political opponents.
Let's hope she lands real quick and things can get back to normal.
Updating Ukraine

23 Jun 2022 -- Three days off-line. Going thermonuclear as ISP and telco fight over fixing a broken line. My lawyers are talking to their lawyers etc but we're finally back. Onward...
Updating Ukraine

27 Apr 2022 -- "Isn't it ironic ?" With the exception of transports by member air forces, all NATO's heavy lifting is done by companies from Ukraine -- not a NATO member -- using old, often military, Soviet aircraft.
Meanwhile : updated Ukraine

17 Mar 2022 -- Moved to Linux so rewiring some of the content/Flights plumbing.
Should be up to speed again very quickly.
Meanwhile : still Ukraine

05 Mar 2022 -- Ukraine, obviously but also keeping an eye on the rest.

12 Jan 2022 -- I have a problem keeping up with the comments. That is bad.
Apart from the amount of traffic and the increasing size of the flight information region the main problem is the quality of the trackers -- all of them. As a result I have to spend a lot more time comparing, verifying and researching.
I'm urgently looking into ways to address this vexing problem.

31 Dec 2021 -- 
Bayraktar : Apart from Turkey TB2s
appeared in Other countries with TB2s would appear to include (in alphabetical order) And odd ones
Weirdest : Three 747s flying potatoes.

21 Nov 2021 -- There is a sudden and significant surge of C17s flying in from Germany and Rota -- some 'direct' from the US.
Nearly all appear or disappear East of Crete as they fly in or out of Africa.
At least 11 from Germany and 2 from Rota in Spain !
Let's hope there was at least a quatorzième, but what's up in Africa ?
HMS Queen Elizabeth was in the area and one of its F-35Bs crashed in the Mediterranean Sea !