FlightWatchesjr, Thursday, 03 Mar 2022 @ 15:01
Ukraine — After the weeks of build up with USAF, RAF, SAC C17s, CMB and other freighters flying in and out of Ukraine and Poland, the traffic picture has changed.Ukraine obviously appears empty but there is plenty round-the-clock activity at it's borders, mainly in Poland. Some daily patterns and lists :
FlightWatchesjr, Friday, 23 Oct 2020 @ 17:52
Bayraktar — When I heard Armenia claimed to have shot down a Turkish 'Standard-bearer' aka Bayraktar drone I immediately hit the WWWs in search for confirmation and more importantly pictures. Obviously the idea was not to gloat or indulge in some serious Schadenfreude because well that would be unseemly, wouldn't it. The idea was to get an unrestrained close-up look at the machines I so often see on flight trackers as a mere yellow icon or in pictures in a PR setting.
FlightWatchesjr, Monday, 12 Oct 2020 @ 19:33
The Planes ? The Planes ! — The minute I saw the map on screen I knew there was something wrong. It's eight in the morning, where are the Ryanairs, the Corendons, the Easyjets...where are the planes ! The sky over Greece should be filled with planes and all I see is a solitary C-130 of the Greek air force. Something is very wrong.