What ?

Flights lists notable flights in our FIR (Flight Information Region)
Notable means there is someone to notice it. So this is not a complete list of notable flights.

Notable ?

British Airways from London Heathrow to Athens is not notable. It happens every day around the same time.
Notable flights are nearly always unscheduled flights or scheduled flights doing unscheduled things.
Notable flights come with a story or raise the question : What's the story here ?

Unscheduled flights

  • charters : passenger/cargo, private/company
  • business and private jets
  • military
  • military service industry
Most notable flights are military or military service flights.


Some flights are BLOCKED at the request of the operator.
If it's jetsetters adding to the exclusive-ness of their jet-setting it's not a notable flight.
If it's a nation's military flight -- yes, looking at you France -- then it's a notable flight like public figures in the news.
The latter is the exception the mayority of BLOCKED flights are not interesting.


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