Hello, world !

The Publishing Thing

The Publishing Thing is a thing to publish things with. It is an application to manage content.
Is it a site, an api, a micro-service, a worker, is it mobile ? All of the above and then some.
REST, XML, RSS, RPC ? Also and more. Explain !


FlightWatchesjr, Thursday, 15 Oct 2020 @ 14:23
'Good faith', 'provocations' and deception — Spot the difference. On the left an Italian registerd ATR, on the right an Italian registered ATR. Both pictures are screen-prints made when both were flying around Rhodes. The one on the left a few days ago, the one on the right today. Italy has been flying ATRs around Rhodes for the past few months. An Italian job.
FlightWatchesjr, Monday, 12 Oct 2020 @ 19:33
The Planes ? The Planes ! — The minute I saw the map on screen I knew there was something wrong. It's eight in the morning, where are the Ryanairs, the Corendons, the Easyjets...where are the planes ! The sky over Greece should be filled with planes and all I see is a solitary C-130 of the Greek air force. Something is very wrong.