'Good faith', 'provocations' and deception
esjr, Thursday, 15 Oct 2020 @ 14:23

Spot the difference. On the left an Italian registerd ATR, on the right an Italian registered ATR. Both pictures are screen-prints made when both were flying around Rhodes. The one on the left a few days ago, the one on the right today. Italy has been flying ATRs around Rhodes for the past few months. An Italian job.

Here's the thing : the one on the right although Italian registered, with a very Italian owner/operator name : "Leonardo", which coincidentally -- I'm sure -- is also the name of an Italian aircraft manufacturer, is, if you have a closer look, operated by the Turkish Navy ! It took off earlier today from Akinci Air Base which we were told was decommissioned after the 'coup' and to be converted to Democracy Park in 2016.

Seeing as I am not an expert on the Geneva Convention III, the Lieber Code or the Oxford Manual on the rules and regulations regarding dressing up as the enemy, I will leave it to the experts and your good judgement to decide what is going on here.